I used to think it was normal, natural and fine to eat the animals. I used to think they didn’t know what was happening, that it was OK to eat them because everyone else did, and everyone else must be right, right?

I was even vegetarian for a few years then went back to eating meat again. Why? Because I wasn’t living my truth and believing others knew better.

So, how did I end up being vegan? Well, it all started with my son, who was about 2 at the time, refusing to eat meat, he refused consistently to eat it for about 8 months, yet I still persisted in putting some on his plate every day. I would panic, but he isn’t eating meat!! Eventually, I reflected on this and thought to myself, ‘get a grip Sally, he doesn’t need meat and why are you eating it when you have always thought its wrong?’ lightbulb moment! So, we immediately went vegetarian.

A few days after that I went to our local Buddhist centre, they were showing a film about the environmental impacts of the meat, dairy & egg industries. This video also showed some of the ethical aspects of eating dairy and eggs, including the cows being forced to have a baby each year, that baby would then immediately be taken away and killed (if it’s a boy) and if it’s a girl would suffer the same fate as her mother. It also showed the process of chick shredding, where in hatcheries, where they are looking for female chicks, would shred the boys alive, only a day old and met with such cruelty.

This completely shocked me, I have no idea how I had managed to get to the age of 35 in such ignorance. I took another long hard look at myself and realised I couldn’t in good conscious contribute to such cruelty by using these products.

I thought it would be hard to go vegan, so I decided to allow myself a month to research and plan. But the more research I did, the tears shed as I realised and accepted the damage and harm I had some to the animals throughout my life, especially as a self-confessed cheese addict. I wept as I watched videos of the fates of those beautiful calves and chicks, I look of terror in the animals eyes as they meet the slaughterman, and as they hear the terrified screams of those before.

So, are you are wondering how I managed health wise without these foods that we are told are essential to our health? Loads better than when I was an omnivore, is the answer.

Granted there were a few weeks of adjustment, teething issues as I learned about he wide and various ways food manufacturers sneak animal products into our food. But after that? My IBS that I suffered from for years, gone. My chronic runny nose? Dry! For the first time in years I could leave the house without tissues!! My zero energy levels? Sky rocketed!

All this has let me to strongly believe that animal products do not serve us at all and that the best way for humans to eat is a plant based whole foods lifestyle.

If, like me, you cannot in good conscious contribute to this suffering but don’t know where to start. I can help you.