Why go Vegan?

So many amazing reasons, here are some:

Ethics – its just the right thing to do!

Spirituality – embody the ‘we are all one’ belief by living it. By killing the animals we are killing ourselves too. By making them suffer, we suffer. Our cognitive dissonance on this topic blocks us off from the great divine power of the universe.

Environment – Animal agriculture is the number 1 cause of climate change, deforestation, uses prescious water, causes soil erosion, wastes grain.

Health – Vegan whole foods are amazing for health, the earth is full of bountiful produce, that perfectly give our bodies what they need. Full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, protein and water. This way of eating reverses diabetes, heart disesase, prevents cancer and strokes.

World peace – If we can’t be nice to docile animals, no wonder we cant be kind to each other. Being kind to the defenceless teaches us kindness to all. To make the world a more peaceful place peace must take priority over violence and personal short term greed.

World hunger – we already produce more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet, but most of it goes to feeding farmed animals. If we didn’t farm animals, we would have food for all.

Speciesism – we have all heard of sexism, racism, homophobia, but what about speciesism? Its why we love dogs and kill pigs, its why we love ladybirds and kill spiders, its why we love cats and kill cows. Its why we are outraged about the Youlin dog festival but love a good BBQ.

It’s an arbitrary line. We are all one, all worthy of love and life.

Mindfulness – as we become more mindful of our impacts on the world, we become more aware of our connectedness. We can enhance our mindfulness in other areas too.

Nutrition – Vegan living is so much more healthy that the traditional way of eating. And as we witness this in our bodies, we can open our minds to the possibility that we have been lied to by organisations about our health

Mindset – Veganism is a way of life, its about what you are thinking, not what you are eating. Its about getting over your addictions, greed and selfishness and being part of the whole. Living your values, embodying your love for nature and animals.

It allows you to make a clear decision about your values on this and stand in your sovereign power to have a life lived in an abundance and love.

Aminal rights aren’t something we have the right to give the animals. We had no right to take their freedom in the first place.

Not taking whats not yours, encroaching on the divine birthrights of the animals by forcefully taking their lives.

The animals do not consent to having their lives taken. They cannot consent, just as a children do not consent to abuse. Just as women do not consent to rape. Thinking our desire is more important that another’s birthright is the crux of the evil deeds in our society.

Many think of veganism as a restrictive diet. But when we believe we need to eat the animals that narrows our perception of food. When we lift our heads up and reject this idea we can see the true abundance nature has provided. So many beautiful plant foods and infinite ways to combine them.

Breaking free of the brainwashing of the Governments nutrition advice. We do not need any animal products for health reasons. In fact they cause harm to our bodies on a number of different levels. It creates disesase in the body, keeping us weak, it keeps us disconnected from our true selves and it harms the soul by causing harm to our neighbours (fellow beings).

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