As a Health Coach, I offer several options to enable us to work together. So, weather you’re looking for a Health Coach, Life Coach or a Spriritual Coach, my mentoring offerings will help you reach your goals.


My Coaching & Mentoring offerings are here to create a safe space to allow you to:

Connect to what you truly want.

Clarify your vision for the world.

Activate your sacred soul mission.

Courageously come out of the spiritual closet.

Express your souls voice and gently work through the fear of being seen and heard.


These coaching sessions are for you if:

You KNOW there is more to life than meets the eye.

You feel stuck and unsupported in your life.

You know you are here for something more but aren’t sure what.

You want to do something you are passionate about.

You want to speak up but FEAR stops you

You feel like you don’t have a voice

It feels like you are stuck in an invisible prison

You are highly sensitive and/or spiritual and feel you don’t belong here on this planet.

You have been taught to hide your true self to be acceptable

You can see a vision for a better world but don’t know what your role in creating it is.


Sacred Soul Activation Mentoring is a 6 month deep immersion together to help you remember your reason for being here.  As your Soul Mentor. I support you to connect to your inner wisdom, re-remember who you are and your soul mission.

This journey includes 12 coaching sessions where we gently work through blocks, work out whats standing in your way and overcome these obstacles. I create a safe space for you to journey into yourself and discover what you truly want, what’s standing in your way, and gently ease away those blocks so you can live your soul mission, with clarity and confidence.

We also have 6 channeling sessions where I support you to connect to your own inner wisdom.

This is a truly magical portal.  (valued at $3,333AUD)


Sacred Soul Activation Intensive – this is a 3 month intensive experience where we journey together with 6 coaching sessions and 3 channeling sessions to give you the spring board you need to propel you out into the world with your sacred message.

This is for you if you are already clear on your role and what you want to do and would love to hone your channeling skills, work through the fear of being seen and heard and propel you from the spiritual closet. (valued at $1,777AUD)


Sacred Feminine Flame – re-ignite your passion, connect to divine love, remember your unique essence, heal your womb, and create a strong vision and roadmap for your future. This is a 3 session journey of divine magic and love. In session 1 we will connect to divine love, in the 2nd, we will explore your womb in a shamanic womb healing and in the 3rd we will get clear on your future with a Sacred Feminine Visioning and Activation session. True deep magic happens in these sessions! ($444AUD)


Go Vegan 3 Deep Dive – A 3 session 1:1 program to support you through going vegan and using your voice to speak for the animals. This is for you if you love animals and want to be vegan but aren’t sure where to start or what it could look like in your family circumstances. We connect to the spiritual aspects of veganism and your role in creating a more gentle, peaceful world ($333AUD)


Vegan Adventure online course – A 100% online course to support you through going vegan for the animals, environment and health. We dive deep into the reasons to become vegan, identifying YOUR why to be vegan, Common pitfalls and how to avoid them and a nutrition intensive interview with vegan nutritionist Robyn Chuter from Total Empowered Health. Available here… ($49AUD)

If any of my Coaching Sessions sound just what you need right now – book in a conversation to see if they are right for you.

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