There are several options to choose from to help you reconnect to who you are and what you want to do with your life.

To get started, book your free CONNECTED WOMAN discovery session please click on my calendar link and find a time that suits you.

In this free session we will dive deep into what you want, whats stopping you or slowing you down from having it all, and your best next steps to set you on your path. This session is free and absolutely no obligation to work with me.

There are a few offerings to choose from –

CONNECTED WOMAN – A 1:1 program that runs for 6 months. This is for you if your life is completely draining your energy, when you are running around for everyone else and neglecting yourself When your body hurts, your heart hurts and your soul aches. 

Together we journey into what you want, who you are as a divine woman and cultivate a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself. So you can bring your unique magic to the world and finally feel ALIVE.

We connect deeply into you as woman and connect to your inner wisdom. All the answers are within, I support you to tap into your own innate power and work through fears that stop you and slow you down. We work together for 12 coaching sessions and 6 Intuition sessions ($2222)

RISING WOMAN – A 3 month 1:1 program. This is great for you if you have one situation to work through or if you to see what coaching is like without the commitment of 12 weeks. ($1500)

CONNECTED TO THE ANIMALS – A 3 session 1:1 program to support you through going vegan and using your voice to speak for the animals. This is for you if you love animals and want to be vegan but aren’t sure where to start or what it could look like in your family circumstances. ($297)

VEGAN ADVENTURE – A 100% online course to support you through going vegan for the animals, environmet and health. Available on Udemy here


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