I am a spiritual and health coach, I help people through the ups and downs of spiritual awakening and to go vegan. These might seem like very seperate topics but they are suprisingly similar!

All of my programs combine life coaching, nutrition, spirituality and self love to ensure you get the result you need. I have set programs and indiviualise sessions for each indiviual client – we are all different!

I work 1:1 for those who would like support, accountability and the right steps to follow to successfully go vegan or kick start your spiritual awakening journey.

I also love to do public speaking! My specialties are veganism and spirituality, going vegan and vegan nutrition. Please contact me for more information.

To book your free discovery session please click on my calendar link and find a time that suits you (if there aren’t any times, message me and we can work something out the old school way!) 

In this session we will dive deep into what you want, whats stopping you or slowing you down from having it all, and your best next steps to set you on your path. This session is free and absolutely no obligation.

1:1 vegan activation session

This is great for you if you are 95% vegan, you have done most of the work but would love some extra support to get you to 100%

1:1 4 week health boost program

this is a great short health booster session. It is for you if you would love to give more love and attention to your health and would love to see what working with a coach can look like for you.

1:1 12 week total transformation program 

this is great for you if you have a health condition and you would like to shift it.

I can help with a number of conditions,  IBS and anxiety and depression, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue and weight loss, and body positivity.

1:1 12 week Spiritual development coaching

dive deep into your connection to spirit and learn how to live a life in full alignment with who you are in your essence.

This is great for you if you have been feeling empty, like there s more to life than this, more than working 9-5 and feeling like you are just existing, not thriving.

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