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I am Sally, I am a coach. I help women, who feel like they are sleepwalking through life, feeling like their own worst critic, find love and compassion for themselves, and others so they can find joy and bring back the fun.

This is the journey I have been on myself, I found myself in a soul sucking job, living the life I thought was expected of me.

Gradually through challenges through parenthood, post natal depression, going vegan and changing careers I have come back to my natural state. Which is a state of pure love.

I used to feel like I was living in groundhog day, wake up, work, make dinner, sleep: repeat.

It was so exhausting and draining. It took some serious health issues to make me wake up and ask myself ‘Who am I and what am I doing here?’ Which led me to following my passion and becoming a masterful coach,so I could help people out of the hamster wheel I felt I was in.

I am now doing my dream job, living in a place I love, living life on my terms, and most importantly, feeling ALIVE!




I care about you, I want you to have the life you want (whatever that looks like for you). I can help you rediscover and fall in love with yourself, say YES to yourself and create the life you want.

In terms of qualifications, I certified as a Health and Life coach with the Health Coach Institute in 2007. I am a Mastery level coach and have worked hard and practiced to offer you the best. I am highly intuitive and can sense what you need and what needs to be healed to move forwards.


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