This is My Story

I am Sally Chamberlain, I live in Brisbane Australia. I have always been on the spiritual journey, but for me things really clicked into place when I went Vegan.

I went vegan in March 2015. It’s a journey that started with my son. He refused to eat meat, he hadn’t had it for about 8 months, yet I was always serving it up. One day I took a long look at myself and thought, what am I doing? Why am I giving it to him when he doesn’t want it? Why am I eating it when I have always thought it was wrong? So decided there and then we would be vegetarian. Coincidently that weekend I found out about the horrors of the dairy and egg industries. Just 30 seconds of footage changed my whole world view, I knew in that moment, we are all one, we all feel pain, suffering. The pain the cows feel is the same as I would feel if someone took my child away.

I knew I had to go vegan. I didn’t know at the time how transformational this change would be on so many levels. Health, spiritual, ethical and personal. Its allowed my to connect to my self, my core values and stand in my truth. The most powerful lesson ever.


In terms of qualifications, I have a BSC in Food Nutrition and Health, MSc in Environmental Health, I am a Vegan Nutritionist and a Mastery level Health Coach.

My whole life had been leading me to this vocation, to support people to make daily choices that are in alignment with their true selves.

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