I have been doing a lot of meditation to dolphin music recently and receiving guidance and wisdom from dolphin energy.
They invited me to research different aspects of dolphins.

So I jumped on YouTube and started watching documentaries.
Part of the docco was about how dolphins evolved to their current shape.

And it got me thinking about how us humans evolve, change and grow.

It turns out dolphins evolved from a land animal that was a kind of wolf but more like a bovine.
They still have leg bones, that aren’t attached to anything
And their flipper, land animal bone structure.
They can’t breathe under water.
They shouldn’t be able to move the way they do in the water.

Does this make them imperfect?
Was there anything wrong with any of the versions before that?
They have always been worthy of existence and love.

The dolphin cannot rush the next evolution where perhaps it won’t have any evidence of once having legs, of being from the land.
It cannot pretend to be further along the evolution line, and who knows when that is or what it might look like.
They cannot bully themselves into changing
And it would be pointless to beat themselves up for it.
Should they realise they shouldn’t be able to jump in the water and stop doing it?

But guess what, they still show up and have fun! Exactly as they are!

Its the same for us, with our internal evolution. We cannot be further along than where we are.

ALL versions of us are perfect and we cannot be or next version without the previous one.

You are already whole and complete, perfectly imperfect
Continue to grow, from a place of love,
Knowing no version is better or worse than another.

You are made of love and love fuels you flourishing.
There is nothing wrong with who you are.
There is nothing to change.

We are already pure love.