Hello my wonderful people! Some of you have been asking me about my coaching journey and how I got to be doing this amazing work. It’s a bit of a long story so thought I’d make it the topic of this first ever blog! Exciting stuff!

I have felt called to help people for as long as I can remember. I went into my previous profession for this reason to find mostly bureaucracy and not much actual helping people and a lot of banging my head against a wall, as well as having to shut down parts of my personality and my qualities to be able to actually do the job.

When my family and I moved back to Australia from UK, I vowed to myself to find another vocation, I was feeling called to do life or health coaching and couldn’t decide which, and found myself back in my old profession again as a position fell into my lap.

This was a great blessing though, as it gave me the money, time, space and motivation I needed to complete the health and life coaching qualifications.

But, that’s not the real answer. What prompted the change of career and why now? Well, that’s another story. After lots of ear issues I had an operation on my ear beginning of 2017 it was all quite routine and nothing to worry about.

However, nothing is that simple! Throughout my life I have had the motto of ‘It will all be alright in the end’ it has served me very well but one day about a week before the operation I thought to myself, ‘what if it isn’t all alright in the end?’ Oh my goodness! This simple question turned my life upside down and led to a downward spiral where I ended up convinced I was going to die on the operating table. Whats more, and I feel a bit embarrassed to say, that I was OK with that. I had essentially given up on it all and put my life in the hands of the surgeon.

Obviously, I didn’t die as I am here writing this blog. But it was the wake up call I needed, and the 3 weeks bed rest following the operation was just what I needed to give myself a good talking to and kick up the bum.

I lay there, bandages on my head, on painkillers and thought long and hard about my life, why was I OK with departing this planet when I have a child that needs me? What I was doing and where I was going? What do I want to be doing? Who am I and what am I doing here?

The answer was that I am not living my purpose or in alignment with my values. I spent the rest of the bed rest time working out that I needed to let go of and what needed to change.  I am deeply compassionate and caring, yet I had no outlet for it. I was longing for deeper connections and conversations with people, to be able to connect people on a deep level.

So, while sitting in bed, I found a great course that did both life and health coaching and I haven’t looked back. I love the greater connections, both to others and myself. Its been an amazing journey of self discovery. Coaches spend a lot of time working on themselves, as we can only take our clients as far as we are willing to go ourselves. Its a continuous journey and I will always be working on myself to best be able to serve my clients.

So, I changed the game. I also went back to believing ‘everything will be alright in the end’ and even added a bit ‘if it’s not alright, it’s not the end!