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Welcome to The Natural Coach!

My passion and purpose is to make the world a peaceful, kind and compassionate place.

I am here in service to women who feel like they are living groundhog day, come back to themselves, cultivating love and compassion for themselves to lead a joy led life.

I help women who want a better world and know this starts within.

I believe in a future where – There is justice and freedom for all; all beings are equal; and all are fully expressed as their true selves.

By finding the equality within, justice and freedom within, and liberating your true self from within.

This is our natural state, beings of love and compassion. I am here to support you through whatever journey you are going through, to return you to your natural state.



I am Sally Chamberlain

My life has been about coming back to myself, re-discovering who I am after health issues, post natal depression, and a career I didn’t love any more.

I have learned we can only love ourselves into our dreams.

Now I devote my life to helping you find yourself, create the loving environment you need to discover what you want and support you to get that. Whatever that looks like for you.








Latest from the blog

Channeling from the Gods.

Channeling from the Gods.

WE are infinite beings, we are creator beings we have a wealth of support at our finger tips, All we need to do is ask. It doesn't take long, its not hard Just stillness and listening We are all divine channels for our work and contribution to the world I...

How We Evolve, Change & Grow

How We Evolve, Change & Grow

I have been doing a lot of meditation to dolphin music recently and receiving guidance and wisdom from dolphin energy. They invited me to research different aspects of dolphins. So I jumped on YouTube and started watching documentaries. Part of the docco...

Transitioning Kids to Veganism

Transitioning Kids to Veganism

   This is a topic I feel strongly about and there is no simple answer to this, but I will do my best to summarise the things to consider and make some suggestions. Fortunately for me, this was easy as my son was the whole reason I went vegan in the first place but...

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