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Welcome to The Natural Coach!

My passion and purpose is to make the world a peaceful, kind
and compassionate place. This is a call to action to be the
change you want to see in the world. If you want a more peaceful
world, it starts with you. This is your resource to find the peace
within and how to embody peace in your daily actions.

This space is filled with love and compassion, it is here to support
you through whatever journey you are going through, to return
you to your natural state.

I am a spiritual coach, I specialise in helping people connect to
themselves, the universe and to their own sense of being.

A large part of this picture is veganism, I talk a lot about
kindness to the animals. Being able to put the rights of others
first is a vital stepping stone in the spiritual journey.

A precursor to my longer
programs but will give you a
taster of the work we do

This is great for you if you
have a health condition and
would like to shift it

Dive deep into your connection
to spirit and learn how to
live a life in full alignment

I am Sally Chamberlain

I live in Brisbane Australia. I have always been on the
spiritual journey, but for me things really clicked into
place when I went Vegan.

I went vegan in March 2015. It’s a journey that started
with my son. He refused to eat meat, he hadn’t had it for
about 8 months, yet I was always serving it up. One day
I took a long look at myself and thought, what am I doing?
Why am I giving it to him when he doesn’t want it? Why
am I eating it when I have always thought it was wrong?
So decided there and then we would be vegetarian.

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Transitioning Kids to Veganism

Transitioning Kids to Veganism

   This is a topic I feel strongly about and there is no simple answer to this, but I will do my best to summarise the things to consider and make some suggestions. Fortunately for me, this was easy as my son was the whole reason I went vegan in the first place but...

My Coaching Journey

My Coaching Journey

Hello my wonderful people! Some of you have been asking me about my coaching journey and how I got to be doing this amazing work. It's a bit of a long story so thought I'd make it the topic of this first ever blog! Exciting stuff! I have felt called to help people for...

My Vegan Journey

My Vegan Journey

I used to think it was normal, natural and fine to eat the animals. I used to think they didn’t know what was happening, that it was OK to eat them because everyone else did, and everyone else must be right, right? I was even vegetarian for a few years then went back...

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